среда, 14 марта 2012 г.

So. Essay.

Hello everybody, glad to see you here again. These holidays were very important for me. The first term is gone and it's a great pride in fact to stay in Academy :)
These holidays I started playing piano(synth), bought a car and... hm. I've stayed alive after these frosts! This term is one of the most difficult terms in a curriculum of a Med. Student. Why? - Would you ask. Just because there are a lot of difficult subjects appeared! Psychology. Ohh. For me it's some kind of inquisition! I used to study psychology by myself and it was a great pleasure for me. 'cause it was a practical one. And what psy do we have? Theoretical and useless. No, I don't say it's so for everybody. It's useless just for me. We should be studied how to communicate with people of different minds and souls, but not just to know the difficult names of very simple things. Histology... It's told, that you become a student of a Med. Ac. just when you have passed the exams in Histology and Anatomy. No comments.
But I'm ready for all kinds of difficulties just to be a successfull and satisfied man.
Thank you.

p.s. there is a little bit of information abt my winter holidays just because I don't remember 'em in all)

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  1. That's quite nice! It seems to us sometimes that we learn many useless things but some years later we realize that it was not really so) Good luck)